“Space coming forward is more of a confronting, more like an experience,” wrote Humphrey, “but an experience that calls attention to its own time. . . . I find that when the painting starts coming back at me I know I’m going to get to the observer.” Ralph Humphrey
Gary Snyder Gallery
John Yau, Hyperallergic's article What Happens When Painting is no longer a Gateway examines the career of Humphrey and relevance of his work in the trajectory of painting in the 70s + 80s. Yau, and others, emphatically call for a museum retrospective of Humphreys work and I couldn't agree more.  On the one hand the work seems dated, in ways that his peer Stella does not. On the other, since its work thats rarely encountered it makes it harder to know. Humphrey was interested in the space between the flat plane and the viewer, this visceral physical space.  Painters and scholars need to be in that space to understand the significance of the work.


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