Behold America: Bierstadt and Dion

Behold America opened  at the San Diego Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego and the Timken Museum. The exhibition pulls from the collections of three museums and is broken into sections: Forms, Figures and Frontiers.   Just bringing together Mark Dion and Albert Bierstadt is enough to peak my interest. Figures and Frontiers = Figurative work and Landscape/Space based work, but Forms gave me pause.  Turns out Forms, for this exhibitions, ranges from traditional still life work to the minimalist work of Agnes Martin. I'm still working that one out.

Albert Bierstadt, Cho-looke, the Yosemite Fall, 1864. Oil on canvas, 34 1/4 x 27 1/8 inche

Mark Dion, Landfill, 1999-2000. Mixed media, 71 1/2 x 147 1/2 x 64 in. 

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