Merlin James in Dublin

Yesterday's post was about Kerry James Marshall's engagement with the history of painting, from an imagist point of view. Today is about Merlin James engagement with that same history through a materialist view. The nature of painting is what's at state with James' show at Kerlin Gallery in Dublin. He uses topographic, architectural or abstract motifs or as Ara Merjian notes in Frieze (nov. 2011) James the environment is presented 'through a baffle of layers both material and metaphysical' in work that is 'stubbornly, mischievously paradoxical' and that 'vacillates between the cerebral and the basic stuff of paint'. 

Work, 2012, Merlin James: acrylic and mixed media, 46 x 47 cm

Untitled, 2012, Merlin James: acrylic and mixed media, 119 x 95 cm

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