Painting and the Archaeology of Invisibility + Marius Bercea

With Mark Bradfords' remarkable paintings on our mind, its no small wonder that art magazines and writers are looking for more painters mining the archaeological.  In Painting and the Archaeology of Invisibility for Flash Art Jane Neal looks at the work of Marius Bercea, Zsolt Bodoni, Daniel Pitin, Ali Banisadr and Kon Trubkovich through the lens of history.

Zsolt Bodoni - "Zsent Istvan II", 2010, oil and acrylic on canvas, 180 X 240 cm

           Marius Brecea, Ancestors Disorder, 200 x 150 cm, oil on canvas, 2010

Daniel Pitkin, Men in the Garden, 2008-9
oil, acrylic and candle smoke on canvas, 100x150 cm

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