Gag, Analia Sabon at Tanya Bonakdar

Trough (flesh)
Oil paint on primed canvas

Painting (with brush)
Acrylic on canvas with acrylic toilet brush
90 x 66 x 2 inches;

Analia Sabon, from Sharon Butler at Two Coats of Paint
In the November issue of ArtForumCharles Marshall Schultz reviews "Gag," LA artist Analia Saban's first New York solo show, which was at Tanya Bonakdar in October. 
Saban's work is grounded in sensual characteristics of tactility and weight, so it's perhaps unsurprising that her subject matter often relates directly to the body. In one piece, Saban casts a king-size bed sheet in white acrylic paint and mounts the flowing form on a large canvas. She does the same in Two Stripe Bath Towel with Tag and Stain-though with the addition of the brown blemish Saban introduces another layer of meaning. It gives the work a sense of personal history beyond any conceptual or formal conceits. The stain, like the pinhole, functions as a kind of wound on an otherwise pristine surface. Saban wants us to notice these slight traumas, perhaps because they stand for a breach of the body, which may itself signify the moment when we become most aware of our physical presence in the world.

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