Prepositions and Painting - Zak Prekop

I'm a fan of prepositions - in, on, through, above, against, within, around, before, beside, from, onto, over, under - I'm especially a fan of prepositions in painting. Zak Prekop plays will the full list, working with painterly space, transparency, collage, and form. The materiality of the surface becomes a slowly evolving revelation for the viewer.  This is new work from his show at Thomas Duncan.

Installation view

Zak Prekop
Untitled Transparency (Decay), 2012
Oil on canvas
35 x 27 inches (88.9 x 68.6cm)

Zak Prekop
Untitled Transparency (Banner), 2012
Oil and paper on canvas
57 x 126 inches (144.8 x 320cm)

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