Susan Connolly - Artist Interview

Susan Connolly discusses her own location in the history of painting, when a painting is painting and when its..something else with Subjects of the Painter

I think it is a very exciting time to be thinking about painting, with all the rhetoric of ‘death’ within the medium proving sheer nonsense again and again. Theory is one way of painting assessing itself but there are many others with very different outcomes, pluralist you might say, but all good and adding to the continued development of painting as a discipline and not painting as a project. 

Susan Connolly/ ‘Unexpected Logic’/ acrylic and household paint and medium, wood support and canvas/ 300x190cm/ 2011

Susan Connolly/ ‘Still Life- Falling’/ acrylic paint, ceramic object, canvas/ 30x10cm/ 2010-11

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