Bjarne Melgaard's Dark Fantasies

Alexander Adler describes Bjarne Melgaard's installation A New Novel at Luxembourg & Daayan as follows

It's almost as if Melgaard internalizes and then twists our darkest fantasies, harnessing the erratic (and erotic) nature of the human mind, and allows both to explode in the context of a gallery. 

Read the full review here. Luxembourg & Daayan have Melgaard's work installed throughout the townhouse gallery. There are more installation shots at their website. Melgaard writes, paints and sculpts and this exhibition coincides with the publication of his new novel which is an exploration of the ways in which sex and violence dovetail with love and loneliness. 

Here's a surreal interview with Melgaard from his project at the ICA London, A House to Die InHe's being interviewed for a talk show complete with laugh track.

Holland Cotter reviewed the show in this mornings paper, here's his on Bjarne Melgaard.

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