Carroll Dunham - revisited

I mentioned in a previous post that I was uncommitted about Dunham's newest show at Barbara Gladstone.  This week I saw some of his earlier work in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. These works, posted below, helped me to understand that when Dunham paints I'm bored. The works below have subtle combinations of gesture and fine marks that use transparency and opacity in a riot of activity. I look and look and look and want to look more, its what makes these earlier paintings truly great.

Untitled, 1984-85 Brush and black ink and gouache and graphite with smudging with blue pencil on wood veneer

Untitled 2006, Brush and black urethane paint with solvent-diluted gray and white washes and graphite on paper

Untitled (Land) 1998 Graphite on paper

Yellow World #3, 1993 Black and yellow wax crayon and graphite

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