Fingers in the Sun

Sam Martineau's show at Rawson Projects includes a group of paintings and a catalog.
Hunted Projects interviewed Martineau about his geometric forms and overlain print paintings recently. Here's Martineau discussing his process

Collecting images from magazines, food packaging, record covers, newspapers etc… that are later incorporated into collages / works on paper...Over time there has been the development of particular forms, repetition of right angles, diagonals, squares, rectangles. Introducing found materials to this language of painting was a way to further personalize the abstraction....The selection process of materials I’ve always thought of as “ things that pass through hands”, things you touch.  I feel this somehow gives the viewer an automatic in or identification to the work.
The full interview is here.

Installation view, Fair Touching at Rawson Projects

The Trio (We Take Requests), 2010. Acrylic on plastic mesh, 30 x 18"

Zig Zag Wanderer, Acrylic and Charcoal on Muslin, 18" x 30", 2011

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