Jeffrey Kessel at Thierry Goldberg

Jeffrey Kessel's recent exhibition at Thierry Goldberg Gallery is the topic of his conversation with Steven Cox for Hunted Projects.   Kessel works without preliminary sketches and has an approach that echoes the ab ex generation but he quickly replied Frankly I don't believe it possible to make a truly expressionistic painting today, but in any case that's not what I'm trying to do here, not in any meaningful way.

About his process Kessel said
I'm impatient, which doesn’t allow much room to make say 10 of the same painting, (although it probably wouldn't be a bad idea). One painting leads to the next, new concerns arise that beg new solutions and so on and so forth. The work shifts around a bit and the paintings can really vary from one to the next, it keeps the work exciting for me.
Jeffrey Kessel, Untitled, 2012, Oil on canvas 74 x 63"

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