Mickalene Thomas at Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum is exhibiting a mere two years of work by Mickalene Thomas. I do believe she's just getting started and I'm looking forward to seeing where she takes me.
Jillian Steinhuer reviews the show for Hyperallergic.
What’s most interesting and new about the Brooklyn Museum is the chance to see the collages that Thomas makes — intimate and surprisingly modest exercises that she turns into loud, oversized paintings — and her three-dimensional sets, faux living rooms for which the governing aesthetic seems to be: clash until it doesn’t clash anymore. 

Sleep: Deux femmes noires (2012), rhinestone, acrylic paint, and oil enamel on
wood panel, 108 x 240"

Din, une très belle négresse #2, 2012. Rhinestones, acrylic paint, and oil enamel on wood panel, 102 x 84 x 2 in.

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