Wild Mary Heilmann, an interview

Jennifer Samet interviewed Mary Heilman at her Bridgehampton studio for Hyperallergic. Wild, Punk and Slightly Off-Kilter: An Interview with Mary Heilmann.   

“Renny’s Right Geometry of a Wave” (2011). Oil on wood panel, 31.5 x 39.75 inches 

When asked about the relationship between music and her art Heilmann said

It is about the inspiration of fun popular culture, like hearing a song on the radio, when you’re a kid. And I love the kind of emotional feeling that you get from music. Also, the narrative and the structure of the music are two different things a lot of the time. So you can have two emotions going on at the same time: the words and the music. Feelings are expressed, not so much by the narrative, but by the way the music is put together. In non-image art, it is the same thing, through scale, and relationships to the part and the whole, different colors, and opposite colors. You compose music abstractly. You compose pieces of art in an abstract way too, even if they have pictures in them, even if it’s photo-realism or a photo-collage.


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