Paint Things at deCordova

Curated by Evan Garza for deCordova PAINT THINGS: Beyond the Stretcher looks at painting in the expanded field. 

Artists include Claire Ashley, Katie Bell, Sarah Braman, Sarah Cain, Alex Da Corte, Cheryl Donegan, Franklin Evans, Kate Gilmore, Alex Hubbard, James Hyde, Sean Kennedy, Wilson Lawrence, Steve Locke, Analia Saban, Allison Schulnik, Jessica Stockholder, Mika Tajima, and Summer Wheat.

Sarah CainUntitled, 2013, mixed media, Courtesy of the artist and Honor Fraser,  Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Stockholder, 2008, Framed oil painting from TJ Maxx, green plastic, brown plastic, bamboo bead mat, yarn,  cloth, copper, plastic bits, thread, lexel caulk, oil and acrylic paint, hardware, 29 x 17 x 8 inches


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