Svenja Deininger's paintings

Some painters just prove how useless the camera can be in representing their work. Svenja Deininger is definetly one of those painters. Her show at Marianne Boesky was a tightly orchestrated exploration of surface, color and form. Deininger's economy, her slight shifts and transitions of color, all quietly slip across the canvas. Dense layers of color sit next to wispy stains and soft edges. Here are links to a couple of reviews, but first look at the work. I've included some close details, because to me, that's where the work really sang.
Will Heinrich for the Gallerist
Caleb de Jong for Thoughts that Cure Radicially

 Untitled (left) detail (right) Oil on canvas, 35 x 25"

 Untitled (left) detail (right) Oil on canvas, 51 x 86
Untitled, 11 x 8 1/4, Oil on canvas


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