Fallen Fruit, John Korner and what to believe

Danish artist John Korner had a show at the beginning of the year at Victoria Miro. The mutable nature  of his landscapes remind me of heat in Florida when shapes shift and lose their edges. Martin Coomer writes about the exhibition

What to believe in, or not, is always at the forefront of any consideration of Kørner’s art. In Fallen Fruit from Frisland a romantic idea of the sublime meets a contemporary form of painting that arrives with doubts about the medium built in. Acknowledging the power of landscape painting without ever appearing wistful for a time when it was predominant, or unquestioned, Kørner delights in summoning the instantly nameable – tree, canal – even going so far as to flirt with cliché. But, crucially, he always leaves space for ambiguity, some extra work for eye and mind to do; it is surely no accident that those apples resemble thought bubbles.
12 O'Clock at The Beach, 2012
The Sky is Falling Down, 2012


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