Nina Murdoch - Light, Space, Architecture

Andrew Lambirth wrote an essay for Nina Murdoch's exhibition catalogue.

Her working practice is as much a process of excavation and removal as it is of application. She is happy to exploit chance in her archaeological delving through the layers of her paint, as she doesn’t always remember what order she put on the colours in the first place. There is therefore a degree of lucky coincidence in the process. Yet there are no short cuts to achieve the effects she aims for, and all the time the process is growing more complex, as technically she becomes more proficient and more ambitious.

Prawle Point, 2010
egg tempera on gesso panel

Lark Hall, 2010
egg tempera on gesso panel
90.2 x 147.3 cm.

North Shore, 2011
egg tempera on gesso panel
92 x 147 cm 36 1/4 x 57 7/8 in


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