Victor Man and the possibility of images

I usually use images which are in the media because of a certain specific significance. Emptying them means that I do not choose them for their worth but because of their representative potential as images, in order to construct a new content with them. If you like, it is like a puzzle in which each work that arrives into the play (installation) reformulates itself and the whole context, creating a sort of terrain of turbulence, where truth becomes a matter of clues. The context bestows meaning and gives new possibilities for the image to be read in a very different way to the way it was read initially. There is a sort of nihilism in that: working against the image and taking away the significance of it means that nothing has a mark or position in the system anymore. 
excerpt from an Interview with Victor Man by Gianni Romano for Contemporary Magazines

The images below are from Man's show at Barbara Gladstone in Brussels

Untitled, 2011 Oil on canvas; 19 1/5 x 15 1/2 inches


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