What qualifies as a painting? Giorgio Griffa

Check out Brian Fee's post on Giorgio Griffa's show at Casey Caplan.  Roberta Smith reviewed the show for the NY Times in February
Like many younger artists, Mr. Griffa seems to test how little it takes for something to qualify as a painting. For decades he has used raw unstretched canvas of different textures and tones in a way that emphasizes portability. The paintings are simply folded up when not on view, which invariably makes the grid of fold lines part of the motif. To these surfaces he applies unruled lines and strokes that sometimes accumulate into shapes but often simply repeat for a while and then stop — as if in midsentence.
Giorgio Griffa | Segni orizzontali, 1975, Acrylic on canvas, 57.5 x 74 inches, Image courtesy of the artist and Casey Kaplan, NY, Photo: Jean Vong


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