Artist Interview - Lucinda Cobley

Virgina Billeaud Anderson interviews Lucinda Cobley for The Great God Pan is Dead.

Lucinda Cobley is intellectually engaged with her process of painting and printing on transparent materials such as etched glass and clear plastic. The artist possesses impressive knowledge of her materials and at times sounds like a scientist when discussing light refraction or the chemical properties of marble dust. Her practice is to apply oils or acrylics mixed with minerals and pigments such as alabaster, malachite or marble dust, onto stacked sheets of Mylar, frosted plexi, or glass, so that textured paint, reflected light and shadows resolve into meditative translucence. 

Lucinda Cobley, Intervals No. 5, 2012, Ink on plastic, 50 x 40 inches 
Lucinda Cobley, Intervals (transition), 2013, Ink on plastic, 44 x 36 inches 


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