Beautiful, known color, Helen Frankenthaler

Sharon Butler posts on the Helen Frankenthaler show at Gagosian Two Coats of Paint. Butler uncovered a link to a 1968 interview Frankenthaler did with Barbara Rose.

MS. FRANKENTHALER: And I never really thought about color at all. When I first started thinking about color it was sort of out of perversity. In other words, say around '50 and '51, it occurred to me that something ugly or muddy could be a color as well as something clear and bright and a nameable, beautiful, known color.

Installation view

Helen Frankenthaler, Mother Goose Melody, 1959, oil on canvas, 82 x 104 inches

Helen Frankenthaler, Western Dreams, 1957, oil on canvas, 70 x 86 inches


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