Optical buzz, Sanford Wurmfeld

Color is dangerous, or it is trivial, or it is both. (It is typical of prejudices to conflate the sinister and the superficial.) Either way, color is routinely excluded from the higher concerns of the Mind. It is other to the values of Western culture. Or perhaps culture is other to the higher values of color. Or color is the corruption of culture. David Batchelor, Chromophobia

David Batchelor's thesis on color is one of several  John Yau puts forth to explain Sanford Wurmfeld is one of the best, little-known painters in NYC.

John Yau notes in his review for Hyperallergic
It is impossible to enumerate all the different things that Wurmfeld does with color, and all the effects he achieves, from an optical buzz to a kind of luminous fog that seems to float in front of the surface — something that J. M. W. Turner and Agnes Martin get in some of their work. 
Sam Wurtherfeld, Installation view

Sanford Wurmfeld, Installation View


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