Sculpted Paintings and Painted Sculptures

Antonio Adriano Puleo show Sculpted Paintings & Painted Sculptures at the Luckman Gallery. More work is available on Puelo's website with great details. X reviews the show for the blog Painting in L.A. and correctly asserts that there is nothing Provisional about Puelo's work. There is an overload of intention here and nothing casual at all about these finely crafted explorations of paint that feel like they were carved out of objects.

Untitled (36c) 

Untitled ( 36c) 2011. 9" x 12" Oil, Acrylic, And Collage on canvas

Untitled ( 40c) 2011. 9" x 12" Oil, String, and Nails on canvas

Untitled ( 39c) 2011. 9" x 12" Enamel on canvas


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