Square Vs Rectangle, Scott Wolniak - Artist Interview

Square Vs Rectangle

Steven Cox interviews Scott Wolniak for Hunted Projects 
That piece was an idea that I thought about for a long time and finally was able to make.  It is based on life experience as a former art handler, as well as my long-standing interests in both physical comedy and visceral art process.  It does comment on impatience and wrong techniques, which have been formative to my studio work.  These tendencies have contributed to the tone of my art over the years.  For example, I would often jump into a project without the correct tools or much of a plan in place.  I have rationalized poor craftsmanship as connected to expressionism and do-it-yourself ethics.  As I got older and gained perspective on my process, I began to transform my bad habits into more conceptually layered, self-aware strategies.  I realize that impulsiveness and mistakes can make for bad art, but can also allow for happy accidents and interesting instability.  I am always interested in aesthetics that seem bad or wrong at first, but then reveal themselves to be perfect on its own terms.


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