The grid is a negative, Artist Interview, Michiel Ceuler

Steven Cox interviews Michiel Ceuler for Hunted Projects, the discussion ranges from the process of painting, his transition from representation, source material and of course the grid.  
The whole idea of painting I find quite absurd, I like painting a lot, but I am also quite skeptical towards it at the same time.  I don’t think paint, as a medium on its own is like the most prestigious medium there is, I think painting these days is really hard because you have the history of it.  But I don’t think you should feel guilty because of that because a lot of different mediums actually refer always to painting.  I know I don’t want to feel guilty with it, so maybe there is a subconscious thing to perhaps laugh it away and to not take it too seriously.  I don’t want to sound to cynical on that level, but I don’t really believe in it.

Even a Clock That Doesn't Work Is Right Twice A Day it's Applause Simply Dies
Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas
132cm x 109cm
Der Maler
Oil on Canvas
20" x 28"


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