Untitled (Shoe) 1968, Guston

It doesn't take much for me to share some Guston paintings, here are a couple of works from Philip Guston: A Centennial Exhibition at McKee Gallery.

Untitled (Shoe) 1968 acrylic on panel 17 7/8 x 20 inches  
Thaddeus Radell  writes about To J.S. (below) for Painting Perceptions
To J.S. is a superlative work, one that clearly defines Guston as remarkable painter. Here, not only is the content of the picture compelling and haunting in the broad context of our shared social consciousness, but the soundness of its construction has echoes of the great Henri Rousseau. Every form issues from an inscrutable and unnerving precision of weight and position. This necessity of form is further heightened by what James Elkins describes as the alchemy of painting, that state of hypostasis, where ‘one has the feeling that something as dead as paint might be deeply alive’ (Elkins, What Painting Is), the transformation of paint into a higher, spiritual substance.

To J.S. 1977, oil on canvas, 68 x 104 inches


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