Yawar Mallku, William Cordova's new show

William Cordova's show Yawar Mallku: Temporal Landscapes at Sikkema Jenkins has a room filled will sculptures and projected images but I was drawn, no surprise, to these little gems on file folders and reclaimed paper.

According to the gallery press release
The work temporal landscapes (pa’ y.mishima, e.danticat y t.martin) is influenced by the Land Art movement of the 1960s and early 1970s. It references Land Art’s resistance to the logic of consumerist art and the interest in reconnecting to ancient geometric principals and the pragmatic use of materials.


  1. this shit is sick!!!!! has this guy part of the new Whitney Biennial?

    -ronald hunte

  2. Thats a great question. Cordova was in the 08 Whitney but I haven't seen the list yet for the 2014 show.


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