Back-to-Basics Abstraction, Amy Feldman

"I have an affiliation for places and things that are beautiful yet rough around the edges, imbued with toxicity and poise," she says, noting that you see a lot of this living in New York City. 
Feldman's artistic influences range from Cubism (she learned about volume and mass in flat space by studying Picasso at an early age) to the works of Jean Arp, Ellsworth Kelly, Shirley Jaffe and Mary Heilmann. She describes her work as abstract but injected with a liberal dose of pop iconography. Cartoon abstractions and giant drips are part of Feldman's oeuvre. 
In recent years, Feldman has been pursuing a more back-to-basics approach to abstraction, in which formalism is presented humorously, arms akimbo, tongue in cheek. In her works, "refinement materializes through process and the actual performance of painting." 
Nirmala Nataraj's review in the SF Chronicle of Amy Feldmans exhibition at Gregory Lind Gallery in March. more

2012, 80" x 96", acrylic on canvas
In & Out2012
75" x 80"
acrylic on canvas


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