German Thought and Painting at the Louvre

German Thought and Painting, from Friedrich to Beckmann is up at the Louvre if you're traveling that way. 
Carl Gustav Carus, Haute Montagne, vers 1824 136 x 171 cm, Museum Fokwang, Essen
From the press release
The concept of Kultur, inherited from Enlightenment thought, seemed most likely to constitute the breeding ground from which a modern German tradition could emerge. The Napoleonic occupation fostered awareness of this unity and provided the political background for the beginnings of Romanticism, at the start of our timeline—while at its end, the rise of Nazism highlighted the tragic dimension of this concept, without managing to destroy it. The exhibition analyzes the role of the fine arts, from Romanticism to New Objectivity, in this period of great artistic innovation that sought to invent a new German tradition. more
Caspar David Friedrich (September 5, 1774 - May 7, 1840) Images Courtesy of


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