Pure Chroma, Kyle Austin Dunn

“...the outdoors are my favorite place to be…perhaps...I try to avoid reproducing nature in any way 
because it is never as incredible as the real thing.” 
Kyle Austin Dunn

Kyle Austin Dunn recently visited with my Advance Painting students, so I was delighted to see that his work was selected for the Fan Mail column at Daily Serving. Celie Dailey writes  

His paintings are completely imagined, fantastical, and explore formal concepts by way of geometric forms, many of which look unreal. His sculpture brings reality to the kinds of the spaces that he paints. Four Spaces is very much about space, but also has a sense of humor. more

Kyle Austin Dunn, Balled Up Color and Lines, 2013. Acrylic and enamel on polystyrene and PVC, 32 x 50 x 16 inches
Kyle Austin Dunn, A Line and Its Body, 2012. Acrylic on canvas, 55 x 40 inches


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