Bill by Bill, William Powhida at Charlie James Gallery

Trevor Spaulding reviews William Powhida's recent exhibition at Charlie James Gallery.
But at third glance (stay with me), Bill By Bill turns out to be an earnest and successful attempt to make thoughtful, content-driven paintings.  That is, once you realize that the real art in this show is not the fabricated objects on display but Powhida’s watercolor text pieces that supplement them. Well-crafted and explicit in their intent, these paintings are polar opposites of the redundant, boringly vague artworks that they mock.  They depict Powhida’s ideas as handwritten texts scrawled across a piece of notebook paper.  The illusion is so satisfying, and the writing so intriguing, you hardly notice that what you are really looking at are representational watercolor paintings created with such care that it’s almost sentimental. more

William Powhida | Some Asset Class (Digital) Paintings – Color Fields (panel component), 2013, graphite and watercolor on panel, 19 x 15 inches. Photo courtesy of Charlie James Gallery.

William Powhida | Some Criteria For Evaluation, 2013, graphite and watercolor on paper, 22 x 15 inches. Photo courtesy of Charlie James Gallery.


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