Fallibility, Jim Gaylord, Artist Interview

Here are some images from Jim Gaylord's exhibition Skipping Over Damaged Area at Gregory Lind last winter. Christian Maychack interviewed Lind for NY Arts Magazine.

Gaylord discussed the fallibility of our perceptions...
If we paid attention to every piece of visual stimulus detected by our eyes, we would go nuts. Part of what I’m interested in is the information in the periphery of understanding, where you think you know what you’re seeing just because there’s an intrinsic logic in the way it was put together, and a very deliberate specificity, but there’s no way to come up with a complete narrative. It just keeps turning itself over, leading you back to different parts of the image, so that you have to keep second-guessing your assumptions. There’s a kind of false sense of understanding in the initial perception and then you realize, “oh, I really don’t know what that is.” more

Can't Undo, 2012
Gouache on paper; 32 x 40.25 in.

Greenscreen, 2012
Gouache on cutout paper; 22.25 x 30.25 in.


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