Making it easier to start, Cordy Ryman at Dodge

Arthur Pena interviewed Cordy Ryman back in May when Ryman had a show at Dodge. Ryman talks about his changing relationship with found objects, shifting from dumpster diving to mining his own materials.
The main practical seed to all this being that for me, my process has usually been sparked by “reacting” and used materials with a built in history always seemed more interesting and richer. They have a life and vitality already built in.  Starting a piece from a clean stretched canvas has always been daunting and difficult. If the canvas already has some scratches or marks it was easier for me to “start.”

Cordy Ryman | Pantastic, 2013, acrylic and enamel on wood, 17 x 10 x 4 inches

Cordy Ryman | Adaptive Radiation, 2013, installation view
Cordy Ryman |Adaptive Radiation, 2013, installation view. (L) Case Study, (R) Rafterweb Scrapwall V2


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