Martin Kippenberg, Sehr Gut / Very Good

The breadth of Martin Kippenberger is on view at Hamburger Bahnof in Berlin. SEHR GUT/VERY GOOD is a solo exhibition of 300 works. BeBerlin writes   

Among the items on display are paintings, sculptures, private photographs, books, films, videos and recordings. The exhibition also features the series known as his "Hotel Drawings," which consists of hundred of drawings on hotel stationary that Kippenberger created in the final ten years of his life. One image in particular caught our eye: it was from a twelve-part series known as "Dear painter, paint for me …" (1981) and featured Kippenberger standing at the Berlin Wall, which had been plastered with posters celebrating the "30th anniversary" of the GDR. Kippenberger hired a commercial painter to assist him in creating the series. We also found Kippenberger's 1990 work "put your freedom in the corner, save it for a rainy day" very interesting. In it, he uses German reunification as his theme and creates his own symbolic piece of the Berlin Wall.
Untitled, 1992. A Kippenberger self-portrait, on display at the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

The exhibition is also reviewed on Karen Rester for BombSite she writes
The show’s title Sehr Gut | Very Good refers to both Kippenberger’s single issue zinesehr gut | very good that he published in Berlin and his White Paintings series wherein he copied in white paint onto white canvases a school boy’s one line descriptions of his paintings, each line, per Kippenberger’s request, followed by the phrase ‘very good.’ Because of the difficulty in embedding the paintings flush with the wall so as to be barely discernable, as Kippenberger had instructed, the series has rarely been seen. (He must have appreciated the irony in this).

A painting from Kippenberger’s White Painting series, on display at the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin. 


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