Painter or Plumber? Painting Matters Now

Thanks Patrick Neal for your synopsis of the "Painting Matters Now" panel at Pratt.

Moderated by artist Nancy Grimes, she explained this panel had come out of “conversations I had with colleagues about the state of painting,” in which they asked each other “Why are young artists choosing to paint, despite attempts to drive a stake through painting? Why does one medium attract so much malice, particularly in the academy?” The focus of this panel was thus on “What matters with painting now and why?” She began by asking the panel, comprised of painters Greg DraslerLaurie FendrichJohn Dubrow and painter-cum-writers Mario Naves and Peter Plagens, to talk about their formative years as young artists. Fendrich recollected that as a student it was as natural to be a painter as it was to be a plumber. more
With topics ranging from Chicago Imagists to Dave Hickey, to the failure of contemporary criticism and of course the art market I keep hoping a podcast will get posted. If anyone finds it please let me know, it sounds like a rich discussion.  
Every Witch Way, 2007  
Oil on canvas  
36 x 30 inches
Smoke Signals 
oil on linen
40 x44"


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