Rebecca Campbell, Artist Interview

Julia Schwartz of Figure/Ground Communication interviewed Rebecca Campbell. Campbell discusses growing up in a conservative environment and being provided access to radical ideas. She also talked about her time in the MFA program at UCLA
We would go to Lari Pitman’s class and he would say something brilliant and totally worth challenging- there wasn’t a lot of push back. There were a lot of assumptions: “painting is dead.” “the figure is anti-feminist.” “gender is a cultural construction.” All of these rules deserved critique. I realized you could make more trouble in that program by making an academic figure drawing than you could by shitting in a person’s mouth.  When the head of the new genres program is famous for shooting himself, it can make a person curious to find out why painting was making people so nervous. more
Call her green and the winters cannot fade her, 2012. oil on canvas, image courtesy of the artist and LA Louver

Boom 6, 2011, oil on canvas, courtesy of the artist and LA Louver Gallery


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