Sophia Starling, striving for equal weight

Sophia Starling received the Jerwood Painting Fellowship. Starling is interviewed by Daniel Sturgis for Abstract Critical.

I became interested in what abstract painting could be, so I developed this process where the support, the paint and the material all have equal weight, they are all as important as each other. Most painters use the support and material to create a surface on which they will create their painting; whereas I wanted the material, the structure and the support to make up the composition of the painting.

Continuous Painting, oil on canvas, approx 180cm x 1500cm, installation view, New Gallery Project

Fluor Red, 2013, oil on canvas, approx 225cm x 280cm x 30cm

Unpeeled, (Green/Purple), oil on linen, approx 310cm x 194cm x 10cm


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