the 2.5th dimension, Tauba Auerbach

Evelyn Simons reviews Tauba Auerbachs exhibition Tetrachromat at WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels for This is Tomorrow.
These trompe-l’oeil paintings, created by spray-painting folded canvasses from different directions before putting them on the stretcher, correspond to substantial concerns in Western artistic tradition. Auerbach represents the third dimension on the two-dimensional flat canvas, not by using the method of the linear perspective, but with an unconventional technique that is modern in its pragmatic simplicity. These artworks exist somewhere in between the second and the third dimension, or the 2.5th dimension according to Auerbach. The Folds series combines haptic and optical features in one artwork, which recalls the pictorial tradition of the Flemish Primitives and the Italian Renaissance who have since been known for their mastery of the representation of heavy draperies and folds. more


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