Annie Lapin at Josh Lilley

Amnesiacs was the title of Annie Lapin's show at Josh Lilley Gallery. John Holland reviewed the show for Abstract Critical stating
they use these familiar tropes as a starting point to be broken down, contradicted, played with and evolved into something specific to itself. They transcend the strategic. ‘Picture Shell For Hermit Projection’ suggests an Italianate, Turneresque landscape – cerulean blue sky moving down into pale ‘clouds’, a tree shape framing the right hand side. But the landscape comes apart as you look at it, and without the top half to lend it the feel of a gorge in shadow, the lower part of the painting would read as vertical abstract gestures that create a space that’s very difficult to define – a sort of vertical layering replacing the expected perspective – while the gestures’ ‘tree-ness’ is shown to be only a function of their position.
It's definitely their falling apart that captures my interest, their instantly familiar  until they slip away into something else.
Deep Body, 2013 Oil on canvas 52 x 42 inches

Thing that happens to memory, 2013 Oil and mixed media on canvas 32 x 25 inches

Upward Land Color Projection, 2013, Oil on canvas, 52 x 42


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