Higher Resonance, Jennie C Jones

Jennie C. Jones show, Higher Resonance, at the Hirshhorn, is an immersive painting/sound installation. Taking advantage of the curved structure of the museum, Jones creates listening areas embedded with Acoustic Paintings composed from acoustic panels with a minimal palette. Jamie Katz writes about the show in How Do You Make a Painting Out of Sounds in which Jones invites Katz to listen closely...

The ambient noise in the studio, mostly muffled traffic rumblings from the nearby Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, resonated gently off the surface of her works. Between panels, the reverberation grew harsher, only to soften again at the next panel. It was an exquisite, improvised lesson in sensory perception. “Resonance can be low-voltage, too, a quiet hum,” she said.


Jennie C Jones, Soft Gray Tone with Reverberation #1-3, 2013, Acoustic absorber panel and acrylic paint on canvas

Jennie C Jones, Bass Traps with False Tones, 2013. Refurbished acoustic bass absorbers (wood, fiberglass, mineral wool filling, acrylic paint and fabric


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