Judith Simonian at Edward Thorpe

Here are some images from Judith Simonian's show at Edward Thorpe. The landscape and still life paintings, like Blue Feast, are inventive and surreal and certainly are more interesting than the older architectural paintings with their Leipzig school origins. White Elephant on Wheels reviewed the show stating
The montages use an effective picture-within-a-picture conceit, slippery dimensions of tight edged planes containing crisply painted ’scapes shuffle over a background of more diaphanous regions inhabited by less defined relationships. This contrast of context and content sets up a nice tension that could relate to moments theatrical or filmic drama. 

Judith Simonian, 2013, Blue Feast, Acrylic on canvas, 61h x 72w in.

Judith Simonian, 2010, Sperlonga in Norway, Acrylic on canvas, 54h x 46w in.

Twin Plateaux   44"x82"    mixed media/collage and acrylic on canvas


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