Julia Morrisroe, Transitions Are Rarely Abrupt, Lee Gallery

Okay, here's a shameless plug. My new show, Transitions Are Rarely Abrupt, just opened at the Lee Center Gallery, Durant Art Center in Alexandria, VA and is up through December. Here's a link to a recent interview at Myopia Terminus: Pervasive Sensibilities.

These paintings seek to still the noise of relentlessly streaming information and data, from my phone, my car, the airport and TVs everywhere. I’m attracted by the lack of hierarchy in this information (natural disasters, Justin Bieber and local traffic jams afford equal air time) and at the same time repulsed by it. All information is equal and the illusion of democracy is pervasive. The unconscious mind attempts to make sense of this sensory overload, to sort it, arrange it, and make images from it.  

Transitions Series #3224, 11.5 x 12", Acrylic and Polymers on Paper, 2013

Transitions and Thresholds a-nr 12-1, 72 x 43" Acrylic and Polymers on Canvas, 2013
Transitions Series DKN_Edges 1, 11.5 x 12", Acrylic and Polymers on Paper, 2013


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