Llyn Foulkes at the New Museum

Llyn Foulkes, Who’s on Third?, 1971–73. Oil on canvas, 48 × 39 in (122 × 99 cm). John Jones Collection
The New Museum retrospective of Llyn Foulkes has been a long time coming. Foulkes irreverent west coast aesthetic is a welcome addition to the museum. Ken Johnson provides a great biographical back drop to the exhibition for the NYTimes. Thomas Micchelli reviews the show for Hyperallergic. According to Micchelli
The evolution from then (more than sixty years ago) to now in Foulkes-World is a bewildering experience. The neo-Dada/neo-Kienholz/neo-Rauschenberg/black/brown/gray matter of his debut efforts is absolutely nothing like the mordant, hyper-illusionistic tableaux — hybrids of painting, assemblage, collage, found objects and molded bas-relief — that the artist started making in 1983.

Installation at New Museum

Llyn Foulkes: “The New Renaissance, 1991” 


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