William Scott at the Hepworth Wakefield

The Hepworth Wakefield has a retrospective of British painter William Scott's work. The Guardian has more images here.  Andy Parkinson reviews the show for his blog patternsthatconnect, he writes
Isn’t  there something about still lives, or nature morte, that corresponds to painting itself? Their near two-dimensionality, the synthetic arrangement and the stillness seems to echo the characteristics of a completed painting. And they are already in a way “abstract”, emptied of narrative and even of nature, in that it is dead. Only in their relationship to the viewer, often as anticipated meal, do they still live.
Perhaps this is what Scott had in mind when he said that they “convey nothing. There is no meaning to them at all but they are a means to making a picture” and that his paintings were abstract “as a still life by Chardin is abstract”.

William Scott
Still Life with Garlic 1947

William Scott
Still Life with Candlestick (1949)


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