An entry point in painting

1. Is a tube of paint used for a painting more or less a ready-made than a bottle rack used to make an art object?
2. Is concrete more or less raw than oil paint?
3. What constitutes found color? If one matches the exact shade of a poppy in a field, is that color any more or less found than Forest Green paint bought at the hardware store?

This an excerpt from James Hyde's set of questions originally published in Ready_Made Color. Sharon Butler includes the full list in her post on Two Coats of Paint about Hyde's work in "Solid Pull"  at TSA Gallery.  The exhibition whose "entry point is the practice of painting"  includes work by Annie Attridge, James Hyde, Joanne Greenbaum, Jane Irish, Essye Klempner and Heidi Lau.

You can see Hyde's paintings from  an earlier post "Photography as a Place for Painting".

Left: Heidi Lau, Right: Annie Attridge

James Hyde

James Hyde


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