Frei Carlos exhibition

O Frei Carlos da América is on view at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. Born in Flanders, Frei Carlos joined a convent in Portugal, where his flemish painting techniques came into play in his painting workshop. Xico Greenwald reviewed the show for the NY Sun
St. Anthony and Child is a vertical painting. But here the palette is virtually a monochrome in browns, a few areas of reds and blues carefully placed. The interior in this painting, featuring a kneeling saint, is a marvel of perspective- a desk with an open compartment, arches, tile floor, a foreshortened window shutter and a jumble of books are described with complicated, multiple vanishing points. 

Workshop of Frei Carlos, "St. Anthony and Child" 1520-1530

Workshop of Frei Carlos, 'St. Blaise,' 1520-1530


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