Kevin Appel, Artist Interview...picking myself up

Below are some images from Kevin Appel's show last September at Christopher Grimes and his spring show at Ameringer McEnery Yohe. Julia Schwartz, Figure Ground, interviewed Appel about his process, education and influences. When Schwartz asked Appel about any noteworthy failures or turning points Appel responded
I stumbled and fell on my face for the better part of two years developing the current iteration of my paintings.  2007-2009 was a big growth period for me – stumbling and picking myself up repeatedly, gaining calluses and knowledge at each step. this case it was about allowing myself more freedom in the process.  Responding to something that already could be considered complete and obstructing that completion.  They work best when they don’t quite align.
That type of growth through awkward attempts or stabs at something you see in your mind but can’t quite get your hands to follow suit is not discussed so much in this professionalized system we have now.  Seems shows have to just appear  - airless and resolved (and spectacular, lets not forget spectacular). 
"Salton Sea (dock)," 2012, Oil and UV cured ink on canvas over panel, 60 x 48 inches, 152.4 x 121.9 cm, A/Y#20923

Screen (ocean)
2011, acrylic, screen ink, and UV cured print on canvas over panel, 60 x 48 inches,

Salton Sea (half ground)
2012, acrylic, oil, and UV cured ink on canvas over panel, 77 x 66 inches


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