Last Ken Price post, the Retrospective at the Met

At last, Ken Price's retrospective at the Met included the ceramic sculpture he was best known for. Here is Sarah Douglas, for the NYGallerist, describing some of what is wonderful about Price

Part of the pleasure of looking at Price’s work is in its myriad associations. Here are sculptures evocative of everything from the limbs of contortionists to African boli figures and from dense, outsized wads of chewing gum to a horror movie alien’s brain. Arctic(1998) is a cartoon ghost with a gaping mouth, complete with cherry red uvula. But Price was as interested in the empty space at the center of objects—the nothing at the heart of his somethings—as he was in the objects themselves. And he was preternaturally attuned to the operations of the eye; his trompe l’oeil effects are masterful.
Reviews of the show abound
What saves even outrageous forms from grossness, though, is color, the element that Price ultimately cared about most, worked hardest at, and mastered most completely.  Holland Cotter for the Times

...a chamber of wonderments  Peter Schjeldahl for the New Yorker, etc.
Big Load, 1988

L. Red, 1963


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