Loren Munk is everywhere!

I have a lot of links below to reviews of the Loren Munk show at Freight and Volume. I can't argue with any of them, I found the work as mesmerizing as Mark Lombardi's drawings. Rather than looking at world commerce Munk is focused on the art world. It's navel gazing at it's best in luscious hand painted color.  I'm posting a couple of details of one painting first and then the full painting.

The Decline and Fall of the Art World, Part I: The One Percenters, Freight + Volume
Single Point Perspective: Munk and Me, Ben La Rocco, Hyperallergic
Press Release of the Day, Sharon Butler, Two Coats of Paint
Annotations on Loren Munk's The East Village map painting, Jerry Saltz, Vulture

detail, Loren Munk The East Village 
detail: Loren Munk
The East Village 

Loren Munk
The East Village, 2011-13
Oil on linen 
84 x 145 inches


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