Lorna Crane, Artist Interview

The process starts with a written journal on site and then working on smaller paper works – mostly intuitive in an abstract form usually in black and white and earth tones – mainly ink and pencil and some collage work too – I love the act of identifying certain shapes within that place – so that when I get to the larger works back in the studio the visual language of the place emerges carrying the work forward into the larger works.  For me it is these beginning drawings that hold and carry an integrity – a raw energy that holds a certain truth and authenticity.  Lorna Crane
This was Lorna Cranes response to Valerie Brennan's question about her process.  Check out the entire interview at Studio Critical 

Lorna Crane, Land Map III, mixed media on paper, A5, 2013

Lorna Crane, Pacifica I, mixed media on paper,
200mm x 75mm, 2013

Lorna Crane,  'Deep Within' A4 work on paper 2013


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